A social with your sports team will always be better than with a society

We all secretly love the rugby boys

Some naive freshers may nervously turn up to their subject’s white t-shirt social just after freshers’ week, but the sport societies know what they’re doing. And they’re way more original.

Socials are more or less every week, meaning you always have the opportunity to get pissed more often than one would deem healthy. But that doesn’t matter because when you join your team you can make up for it when you train every week. You will feel 100 per cent better because you’ve done exercise the same week you got your month-long ban from the SU. And to be fair, that’s an achievement in itself. You must have been on a level to have been escorted out by the bouncers. They actually looked at you, knowing every single person was pissed out of their minds and thought, “You know what, they’re something else.”


Subject socials are, unsurprisingly, organised by societies. Even though it has the same name, has absolutely nothing to do with your actual subject, especially when it comes to the socials. Your lecturers do not organise your socials, they do not care if you are horrifically hungover whether it be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… whatever.

They do not give a shit about how you’re feeling. Their lectures do not revolve around your social life. With your team the coaches go on the same socials you do. They get pissed with you and they are hungover, just like you. They’re not going to organise a training session the next day when you’re all suffering. They’re more likely to invite you to a breakfast outing, perfect for your hungover needs.

People who play sport have goals, ambitions. They want to look for friends outside their subject and broaden their horizons. They don’t stick to the same old thing. And instead of having an awkward night out with that one person they always sit next to in lectures but don’t give a shit about in any other circumstance, sports socials are with the people you accidentally headbutted during practice. And you will still have a laugh with them.


To put it simply, sports socials are better, way more memorable, and they’re so much cheaper. Subject socials expect you to actually buy a ticket, especially if you’re going to one of the pricier clubs. Unless it’s a special occasion where you venture elsewhere sport socials start earlier, getting you free entry before 11pm and, because it’s in the SU, the drinks are so much cheaper than if you go to Walkabout on a Thursday night. Do you want to remember the academic shit, or do you want to remember the good stuff? Sports socials give you the memories you’ll never forget.

It’s an easy choice, really.