An SU President candidate is using Tinder for her campaign

She’s had 352 matches so far

Cardiff University’s current Societies VP is using Tinder for her campaign to try become the next President of the SU.

For this year’s elections, Music graduate Hannah Sterritt has been creative with her campaign by creating a profile on the popular dating app in order to develop attraction on campus and gain people’s vote. In her profile, Hannah describes herself someone who “likes long walks through Cathays to Family Fish and running 200 Societies.” In her manifesto, which she also describes in her bio, she plans to scrap the name YOLO, letting fees and “be the best you’ve ever had”.



Hannah told The Tab: “I thought getting Tinder for Elections week would be a bit of fun and a creative way to get my name out there to as many students as possible. I’ve got 352 matches so far so it seems to be going well! Swiping right to everyone, except if you’re a Cardiff Met student of course! It’s been a great way of interacting with students and them asking questions. I’ve answered questions about some of my policies, like scrapping letting agency fees which has been great. I’ll be on Tinder for the rest of the week so do swipe right!”