Laura Barclay
Cardiff Deputy Editor of The Tab

Stop coming to pre-drinks if you aren’t coming out

You’re literally a dead weight

Cardiff finalist has two months to find donor to save her life

If she hadn’t gone to the doctors she would’ve died within a few days

Paul West is Cardiff’s fittest male finalist

He loves a good dig

An SU President candidate is using Tinder for her campaign

She’s had 352 matches so far

Cardiff’s fittest female finalist is Pamela Matthews

Yes, I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain

If I don’t want to talk in my seminar, you can’t make me

I’m keeping my beaut ideas about surrealism to myself

Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Daniel Poole

Dan likes to study the body

Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Paul

He loves digging

Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Anya Phillips

She even plays lacrosse

Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Guy Harper

He has a sexy Spanish accent

Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Medi Jones

Apparently she makes the best chocolate muffins in Wales

Philosophy is actually a really hard degree

Anyone dissin’ has not studied Kant

House of seven boys threatened with £5,000 fine after 37 noise complaints in one night

The police raided their house because of the noise

Compulsory breathalysers introduced to SU events

No more vodka for you

Turnitin is down because of a cyber attack

No essay submissions for you now

Cardiff’s SU branded a ‘hostile environment’ for free speech

There’s a list of everything they’ve banned

Please stop asking me what I’m going to do with my life

You’re freaking me out

Varsity 2016 to be held in Swansea

It’s the 20th anniversary of the annual event

Student sentenced for rape conviction

He will serve seven years in prison