Grace-face, pout or photobomb: What your club photo pose says about you

It says A LOT.

We’ve all been there when you’re steaming in the club and you see the club photographer making his way through the crowd towards you. While swaying back and forth you think about what pose you are going assume when he points the camera towards your squad. This is your moment, and that last minute panic and decision about what your club photo pose is going be actually says a lot about you.

The pout pose:


You’re out with gals and you are all looking fit as fuck, to prove it you go for the pout. Simple but effective and oh so seductive.

The excited pose:


When the photo’s go up on Facebook, you’ve already planned to Instagram one and what better pose to pull than the excited face just so everyone knows you’ve had a sick night bitches.

The peace pose:


You’re cool and you want to make sure everyone knows it. An easy go-to if you can’t think of anything more creative and are caught off guard and on your own.

The thumbs-up pose:


You’re an all round nice guy, you always will be, and everyone should know it. You having a good night? Thumbs up I’m having a good night.

The Grace-face pose:

12661916_10153571722498051_663763720194443284_nYou’re trying to say “I’m sassy, but cute at the same time.” We all know what your most used emoji is, the Grace-face is catching on fast.

The number 1 pose:


We’re not too sure about this one, maybe they’re trying to order one more VK?

The handshake pose:


You’ve got your mum on Facebook and when the pictures get tagged you don’t want to look too promiscuous. You settle on a handshake so she’s none the wiser about how her precious child is spending their Wednesday nights in the union.

The scared pose:


For when the flash is just way too bright.

The photobomb:


You’re THAT guy, the class-clown and the joker, but you’re trying way too hard here. Take the spotlight yourself or don’t photobomb others, you’re ruining innocent people’s potential profile pictures ffs.

Photo credits Yony Photography and Rob Matthews Photography.