90s themed nightclub ‘Popworld’ has replaced Flares

“It’s like the disco room in Pryzm”

The beloved Popworld is opening on Cardiff’s St Mary Street in replacement of Flares.

Popworld is well known for its cheesy music and shameless playing of 90s artists like S Club 7, Steps, Spice Girls, ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, all songs we remember well from our primary school disco days.

Popworld in Swansea

Popworld in Swansea

The popular 90s nightclub has venues across the UK including Swansea, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Newcastle, Portsmouth and York.

Alan Armstrong, Head of Marketing for the Venues Division at Stonegate Pub Company, said: “Popworld is one of the most popular brands throughout the UK and this new venue is a welcome addition  to out existing 16 clubs.

“The demand for this concept has increased massively recently and we’re excited to open and find out what the local residents make of it.”

Second year English Lit student, Constance Green, commented on her experience of Popworld: “The only time I’ve ever been everyone in there was 50 plus, but it was a good laugh and I enjoyed dancing to music I grew up with. It’s basically like the disco room in Pryzm.”