Subject socials are so much better than sport socials

Initiations, deadly hangovers during training, and £30 every night out? No thank you.

Like the rivalry between Swansea and Cardiff at Varsity, the rivalry between sports socials and subject socials is ripe. The weighing up between whether to attend your netball social on a Wednesday to the SU dressed as a toilet, or attend your JOMEC pub crawl round Cathays has been long disputed as to which one is the better night. Well, there is clearly one winner here – subject socials are just far better, there is simply no contest. People may say that subject socials are for the weak and uncool, but actually they’re more messy and great than your sports social let on. Here’s why:

First and foremost subject socials are far superior because there are no initiations. To gain acceptance and truly remove fresher status, sport team members have to shave off hair or roll around in baked beans. With your fellow meds, pharmy-army, or English-Lit crew however, your smarts have already gained you a place through UCAS, and you are ready to party. No one gets bullied or forced to do anything they don’t want to, and therefore do not become the humiliated group of handcuffed naked students running around Cathays.


Luv to the subject socials

On a course night out, you’re bound to make friends for life. After a subject social, you will no longer have to awkwardly walk into lecture theatres avoiding all gazes, but will be able to walk in with people, or find somebody to sit next to who you shared a sambuca with. Maybe the girl who’s name you still don’t know, but have had a drunken selfie with, will be saving you a seat.

Subject socials have a lot more variety then what sport teams do, all they have to look forward to is the usual Wednesday routine of win a match, get drunk, rampage the Students’ Union. Our socials however, can be any night, any venue and never with a theme that expects you to bring toothpaste and condoms. Some subjects even take their socials to the next level offering cheap trips to different countries. So we can say goodbye to the rugby lads dominating the SU, and take in the sights of cities such as Amsterdam, Madrid, and Berlin. Culture in the day time, intoxication at nightfall.

So, a social may have been slightly messier than planned; only a handful of students were still standing and made it to the final club. This then constructs a mutual agreement that no one will be attending lectures the next day. Sport teams expect you to turn up to training the day after a social, no matter what the weather or what physical state you are in. Subject social dates are usually chosen to avoid clashing with exams and deadlines, so everyone can grab a small dose of recovery time before knocking back the paracetamol and venturing on towards the library.



Subject socials are also so much cheaper to go to than pricey sports nights. Schools will sell tickets for their chosen venue between £2-£5, whereas sport teams expect you to cough up for a ticket every single week, several bottles of wine, and a crazy costume. In the past year, sport teams have even charged a whopping £20 for students to take part in initiations where essentially you are paying to sit in your own sick and eat dog biscuits. Nine times out of ten the themes for a subject social are more simple – there is no need to dress up as a toilet, old person, or random farm animal here, but themes date are more cheap and cheerful, cheap being the key word.

So for the state of your degree, your finance, and your dignity, stick to the subject socials.