There is a secret dining room above Burger King in town

They use it for interviews

Burger King on the corner of St. John Street has been hiding a secret dining room above the fast-food restaurant.

From the outside, it looks completely like a normal Burger King. However, upstairs through a “No Entry” sign is a dining room above the main restaurant.

A completely normal Burger King

A completely normal Burger King

The Burger King is situated in a Grade II listed building in the city centre.  What used to be called ‘The Mahogany Bar,’ is an upstairs dining room now called ‘The Mahogany Room’ featuring stain-glass windows and mosaics.

It’s believed that, in 1720, the building used to be a public house or inn. The Green Dragon stain-glass window is still visible today and used to be the name of the pub. The bar opened in 1905 and regular customers included ship owners and members of the Cardiff Borough Council, when beer was a penny a pint.

The building is now used as one of three Burger King branches in the city. The room is only used for office use, interviews and disciplinary meetings.