Vapes: Don’t hate people because they’re trying to kick the habit

“We get it, smoking’s cool, just like lung cancer”

There really is no better way to wind down after a long day of skipping lectures and doing your big shop at Lidl than a shameful Marlboro on the walk back to the flat. It’s so cool.

You know what else is cool? Ten years later when the doctor tells you that the cancer has metastasised to your other vital organs and that you’ll be dead in the next six months. But that’s okay though, you’ve got years before that, so why not spend your time talking shit about people who use vapes?

Aside from the numerous obvious personal health benefits of blowing phat clouds of water vapour as opposed to forcing a bunch of carcinogens into your lungs, there are several more utilitarian advantages to using a and electronic cigarette.

n.b most vapes come with a free black and white filter

n.b most vapes come with a free black and white filter

You might think you’re being subtle when you sneak off for a B&H before dinner, but everyone knows you’ve had a fag and, regardless of whether or not they say it, they all hate you for it. Nobody likes it when you stink up the kitchen with your disgusting habit, and even though ‘it’s your choice’, did you have to choose to be such a prick? Vapes don’t do this. They don’t leave you with the lingering smell of death and old people, and they don’t turn your teeth as yellow.

An interview with the team at Ace of Vapes, a local purveyor of electronic cigarettes and accessories, demonstrated that there’s a difference between those who vape as a hobby and those who do so to quit smoking; however, the same is seen in everything. Some people buy a car because the walk to Uni Halls is too long; others buy one because they want to race round Lidl carpark with their sweet spoilers and cool new rims.

Really, though, who cares?

Nobody cares if you smoke cigarettes or use a vape or if you’re too good for either, but if you decide to criticise people for trying to better themselves, then you’re a part of the problem.