Dinner Date was filmed in The Taf yesterday

A fun guy was playing a game of pool

The popular itvBe show “Dinner Date” was being filmed in The Taf yesterday.

Late afternoon Taf-goers spotted a man holding a professional-looking film camera and setting up lighting by one of the pool tables. A group of guys then appeared, pints in hand, and one was filmed playing pool.


I’m a fun guy with loads of mates

A Taf barmaid told The Tab that the group were filming for a daytime show. The pool set-up looked as if it was being filmed for a short video about the guy and how much he likes to have fun and hang out with his mates.


To be fair he’s actually quite fit

Second year Megan said: “It looked like one of those videos they show about the guy who’s just come down in the lift on Take Me Out.  I thought the camera might then turn to one of the guys friends who would start saying how he would make a wonderful boyfriend.”