Met second year collapses after drinking three cans of Red Bull in five minutes

He wants to find the man who saved his life

A Cardiff Met second year drank three cans of Red Bull in five minutes had to be rushed to hospital to stop him from having a heart attack.

Zac Ponsford, 20, had to flag down a stranger in the road to drive him to A&E. He was later told he would have died if he hadn’t received treatment. The Physical Education and Sport student said he drank three cans of Red Bull for no other reason than being thirsty and he “didn’t think” of the impact it could have on his body.

Shortly after he was flagging down strangers to take him to hospital. He would’ve died without the injections he was given there to slow his heart rate.

Zac drank three cans of Red Bull in five minutes

Zac said: “I started twitching and seeing flashing lights, and I couldn’t stop moving”.

The second year rang an ambulance for himself but soon realised it would take too long – his condition was worsening at a rapid pace. He went outside and stopped a passing car, asking a random stranger to take him to hospital. Zac added: “I then started fitting so he drove me there.”

According to the Met student, the whole experience felt like a constant high, which he described like being on laughing gas, but that it wasn’t pleasant.

A stranger took Zac to the hospital where he was put on heart support

Zac ended up staying overnight at the University Hospital of Wales and describes the whole experience as “very scary”. Zac said his heart was going so fast it “couldn’t carry on without the support, and you could see it beating out of my chest and skin”. He was also fitting and it felt like he was swallowing his tongue.

Staff at the hospital informed Zac that he could’ve died if he had not been bought into the hospital by the stranger.  The Sport student told The Tab: “I have no idea who the person who helped was. I would like to find out and thank them for it. He was driving an old Range Rover and picked me up near his house, I think.”