Cardiff Uni denies affiliation with explicit Snapchat account

They want nothing to do with all the boobs and drugs

Cardiff University have released a statement today denying any affiliation with the snapchat account “Cardiff-uni”.

With now well over 500 followers of the account, “Cardiff-uni”, which is thought to have gone live yesterday, has a running story including various nudes, drugs, chanting, pleas for more nudes, and drunken antics from YOLO revellers. The university are calling for the account to be closed down and have expressed that they are against the use of language and the graphic images being shared. They have also claimed that they will open investigations if any Cardiff University student is complained about.


Nudes, drugs and drunken people were amongst the stories sent in

In a statement, a Cardiff University spokesperson said: “We are aware of these accounts. It is important to state that these social media accounts have nothing to do with Cardiff University and we are deeply concerned by the association; the totally inappropriate use of language and; the nature of images being shared.

“As a consequence, we have reported these accounts and requested they are closed immediately.

“The use of social media is subject to the University’s disciplinary procedures governing behaviour. We also offer guidance on the appropriate use of social media to those students studying on our professional programmes, like medicine, and inform them of the potential serious fitness to practice issues that could arise.

“If we receive any complaints involving a Cardiff University student they will be investigated through our established disciplinary procedures.

“We’d remind our students they need to be extremely careful and show some common sense about what they say or show online. We would encourage them not to post details or images which they might find embarrassing later or don’t want family members, work colleagues, lecturers or employer/future employer to see.”