Eduroam blocks Netflix in residences near the SU

Are you safe?

Netflix and Chill won’t be an option for some poor Cardiff Uni students as Eduroam has now blocked Netflix in certain areas.

Panic rose when Netflix was denied access in houses on Ruthin Gardens and Llandough Street, where Wi-Fi can be picked up from the SU. A warning was issued saying the application was blocked, and it could only be allowed if Netflix was used for “research, academic or University business purposes.” Does Netflix and Chill count?

eduroam netflix


It is currently possible to access Netflix from the ASSL, suggesting Eduroam has only blocked it in certain areas near the Students’ Union. Third year Rosie, studying Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, said: “Sometimes when our house Wi-Fi isn’t work, I connect to Eduroam because we live so close to SU. I couldn’t believe it when the message popped up that they have blocked Netflix, how am I meant to watch Making a Murderer now?”

Ben Wilson, a second year studying Chemistry, added: “It’s so stupid. How will I procrastinate without Breaking Bad?”