It’s going to snow in South Wales this weekend

The Met Office forecasts snow for South Wales by the end of the week

As the January chill sets in and temperatures drop below freezing, snow is expected to fall in large areas across  South Wales.

The Met Office has forecast that most of the snow will fall on higher ground early Friday morning.

Areas in and around Cardiff will be affected and experts are advising Wales to brace themselves for the lowest temperatures of the winter yet. Cold winds will make it appear chillier, but despite this Friday will also have bright sunshine making it a cold but sunny day.


This weekend will be the coldest it’s been so far

Local weather man Derek Brockway tweeted from Bute Park that temperatures had dropped to -1C/ 30F and warned that the chilly weather is here to stay for the rest of the week.

He advised locals over social media to be careful of icy surfaces particularly in the morning and night when the temperature will be at its lowest.