Uber is launching in Cardiff

Maybe we’ll be able to get a taxi home now

Uber has been granted it’s operator licence by Cardiff City Council.

In June, the taxi app started advertising for drivers in the city and have now been granted the license necessary to run in the Welsh capital.

The company has not yet given a date for passengers to expect the service to launch, but Cardiff’s taxi drivers’ union has already voiced complaints.


Uber have not yet announced when they will launch in the city

A spokeswoman for Uber said: “In order to launch in a new city, Uber needs two things.

“The first is a license to operate in the city and the second is a team on the ground to run the business.

“Uber has been granted an operator’s license by Cardiff City Council but we are still recruiting for a local team.

“Only when we have a strong local team, can we look forward to being able to offer a safe, reliable and affordable choice for people in Cardiff.”

Uber is an app that allows passengers to hail a driver near to your exact location.

When you book your journey, details of the driver’s name, picture and registration is given, with an estimated price.

Your credit card details are secured on the app and payment is directly taken from your account, rather than having to use cash.

So far, Uber has been successful in 15 UK cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Belfast and Bristol.