Cardiff University to consider adding sexual assault to extenuating circumstances

The welfare policy is currently under review

Cardiff University are considering changing their welfare policy to include sexual assault and rape in extenuating circumstances. 

After the success of a Tab Birmingham campaign to include sexual assault as a clause in extenuating circumstances, Cardiff University are also reviewing their welfare policies.

Birmingham University have since changed their extenuating circumstances to include a specific sexual assault clause after a student was denied extenuating circumstances for her exams after she was raped, despite having two medical documents.


The University are now reviewing their own procedures

The student launched a campaign with The Tab, which gained over 2,000 signatures from across the UK.

A Cardiff University spokeswoman said: “The University has an Extenuating Circumstances Procedure which gives clear criteria regarding the definition of an extenuating circumstance.

“Whilst rape and sexual assault are not explicitly included in the policy, the University gives examples of the types of circumstances that would be considered which include being a victim of a serious crime.

“Student support services work to support the students who are the victims of crimes and each case is considered on an individual basis.

“Staff are given annual training both on the extenuating circumstances procedure and supporting students.”