There was a powercut in Glam last night

Level One shutdown

Clubbers were left confused last night when Glam descended into darkness.

At the final Fest of 2015, people were plunged into a silent darkness when the nightclub experienced a power cut.

Around 1.20am all power shut down on Level One – the music stopped and the lights cut out.

At the time, most people thought the whole club had also been cut off.

Third year Laura said: “It was all very confusing, the music just stopped and chanting started.

“Me and my friends all left as we thought the whole cub had been affected.”

However, from the cheese fest upstairs on Level Two and VIP, you wouldn’t have known anything was going on downstairs.

Although many people took to social media to express their disappointment, it was out of the club’s control.

Some customers demanded refunds, but because of the powercut the tills were not working either.

Glam told the Tab: “We had a little power cut which affected one floor of Glam, but it didn’t stop people partying until 4am.

“It was all repaired within an hour and is all fixed now.”