The Turks have been sentenced to 44 months in prison

Cathays and Roath doorstop drug deals are over

Three men have been jailed on drug offences described as a delivery service in Cathays and Roath. 

Alimussa Mustafa, Azad Korsheed, and Jutiar Fuoad have been jailed for their long term operation in Cardiff student residential areas.

The three men, also known as “The Turks” on campus, have been jailed for their pizza delivery style drop-off service.

Mustafa, 37, Korsheed, 36, Fouad, 38

When stopped by South Wales Police they were all in separate cars with their own stash of drugs and money, the court heard.

In their vehicles Mustafa had £2,200 and Fouad had 15 wraps of cannabis.

Prosecutor, Tracey Lloyd-Nesling, told Cardiff Crown Court: “Pages of text messages on phones seized in the defendants’ cars showed they were mostly going to Cathays and Roath – areas with high student populations.”

“It was home delivery like calling for a pizza to be delivered but in this case calling for cannabis.”

Driving from their Bristol homes to the doorsteps of purchasers, they were caught with overweight bags.

The Turks overweighed their bags to draw in new customers and reward old ones.

Beth, an English second year, said: “I’ve been at parties where the car’s pulled up outside and someone’s excitedly yelled through ‘The Turks are here!’

“It’s sad a classic Cathays legend is lost to future generations – it’s like if we lost Family Fish Bar.”

No sentences have exceeded a year and a half despite Judge Daniel Williams acknowledging they were “dealing in larger amounts to a large number of customers.”

Mustafa has received 18 months, Korsheed 12 and Fouad 14.