BPOC: Tenofish and Topfish

The finterview

Meet Tenofish and Topfish, the coolest goldfish in Cathays. 

Their tank is situated on the infamous Miskin Street and although it may be a 9 bedroom house, there are 11 tenants all living as one big family.

Marine life owners Miles and Norman named their fishy friends Tenofish and Topfish in honour of the famous MCs and rappers Tenafly and Topcat.

Bezzie m8s

They had just been to Exit Festival and spent a lot of time at the reggae stage, inspiring their new fishy friends’ names.

Both fish originate from none other than Cardiff Market itself.  They are both very well-travelled, spending the summer months in their country retreat in Reading, Berkshire, and term time in their digs in Cardiff.

Although Norman’s mum did not want the fish to leave, they prefer the nightlife in Cardiff.

Fish are friends, not food

Their favourite cuisine is standard fish food, all the way from big Tesco. Housemate Ellen explained they created a fish calendar to keep track of when and who had fed the fish, which is carried out every day and taken very seriously.

When they have some time to themselves, Tenofish and Topfish regularly compete in swimming races and like to play hide and seek in their homemade sunken artefact (a broken mug.) Their housemates regard them both as “guard fish” and vital protectors of the house.

The skull says it all.

Tenofish and Topfish have big expectations for the future. The duo are planning to go on the next series of Britain’s Got Talent, where they aim to break the world record for holding their breath underwater the longest.


This story was written in memory of Mufasa, their former fish companion.