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Hello and welcome to our first ever live sports blog.

We’ll be bringing you the best match updates, poetic commentary, twats of the match and Patridge-esque banter from all our BUCS warriors – from now, all the way through to tonight’s messy socials in the Lash.

It’s another huge day for our teams and, as ever, they need your support.

Whether you’re turning out for the hockey firsts or watching MOMED AFC slug it out with CARBS in a Pontcanna mud-bath, tell us what’s going down at your ends – @TheTabCardiff is our Twitter and #cardiffsport our slick, imaginative hashtag.


19:05 Perfect 10 (TEN) for the 4s. The poor UWE lot will need counselling after this whitewash

And it’s not just the UWE lot getting burnt…


18:42 History makers


18:38 Men’s Hockey 4s are hitting all the right notes against UWE – they’re 4-0 up at the break


18:15 Sterling words from the skipper


1755: Better from CUFC and Hockey 1s

Patrick Alvgren, media executive of the Hockey team, told us: “Man for man we were the better team and our quality shone through in the first 25 minutes with our high intensity pressing. Second half was all about consolidating our 4-0 lead due to the increased pressure upon our goal and ensure the clean sheet of which we can really build on.

“The cup has officially begun and we look forward to progressing. Buzzing after the win so will take this momentum into the weir and have a cracking social leading to a great night at YOLO.”


17:45 The Lacrosse teams also endured a disappointing afternoon. Don’t worry guys, the VKs will help soothe the pain.


17:40 In sadder news, Men’s Rugby 2s were edged out 15-12 by USW

The boys, post-defeat 🙁

Sam Kettle, who played in the narrow loss, said: “Their back row and second rowers carried well, with good efforts from the number 10. We had a large portion of both the territory and the possession but couldn’t convert it into points.

“The game was lost due to silly errors and silly penalties in both halves of the field. A late comeback from us wasn’t quite enough to pull a win out the bag.

“But our plan for tonight is a Halloween-themed social and then onto the Lash!”


17:30 Joe Hill’s Tennis supremos smashed Brighton 5-1 – and they love it

Joe told The Tab: “Tough match today. Unfortunate loss in the doubles as we should have won! But all in all a good day and an easy 5-1 win. It was a good team effort today, with Dom Pearson winning both his matches, and we’re out for the Halloween tennis social tonight.”


17:20 Can he still play 5s doe?


17:15 It’s 6 (SIX) for the Men’s 1s against KCL #wearetopoftheleague


16:32 3/3 for the boys so far…


16:27 SCENES


16:25 :'(


16:22 The heavens are on our side


16:20 Cardiff Met calling the shots against Bournemouth


16:12 Men’s Hockey 1s taking over from where the Ladies left off #unstoppable #tagteam


16:05 Girls > boys


15:45 s/o to the Netball squad, whose 2s play Exeter and 1s line up against Cardiff Met with both games kicking off at 5pm


15:40 Friendly fire


15:35 Smashing stuff from Tennis club – Dom Pearson and Johannes Schröcksnadel acing it for the lads’ 1s (sorry)

Clearly taking inspiration from this fine bunch…




15:20 Get involved


14:55 Killed it. Again.


14:50 Buy her a drink tonight


14:35 #ruling #img



Ladies 1s


14:15 At 6pm tonight you’ll find resistance is futile fellas…


14:05 CUFC will be hoping to do a football this afternoon

While our BB teams are shooting hoops at home and away…


13:45 Ladies Hockey 1s are hoping to celebrate another type of victory today

1340: Strong looks


13:30 Playing sport + raising money + social = dreamy


13:20 MASSIVE games for Rugby 1s and 2s against our lovely neighbours today


13:15 #inspiration


13:00 Tennis club captain Joe Hill has been in touch while his squad take a pit stop at a service station somewhere in the south east:

“Looking forward to the day ahead, we have tough cup match against Brighton. Going in with a lot of confidence as we are unbeaten.”

Here they are doing their best boy band on tour impression

Never has a Transit van looked so cool


12:45 Our BUCS teams put in a solid set of performances on the pitch and in the Lash last week and we expect more of the same: