How many nudes do you have on your phone right now?

One guy has 50


Everyone sends them, sometimes we’re lucky enough to receive them. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to receive a good one.

Emily Edwards, Human Geography, second year

To be honest, when you have a boyfriend, who has time for nudes?

Why would I need a cheeky pic when I see him so much anyway? Come on now, we’re 20, lets start getting ourselves real partners rather than disrespecting yourselves.

God forbid if we ever broke up someone would use them against me.

Melissa Green, Spanish/Italian, second year

Well, one of myself which is really more of a progress picture than a fan pic. However I am naked.

I get sent them somewhat far too regularly by my boyfriend but the iPhone storage is awful. Just no room to save them all. Unfortunately.

Jordan Yemm, Business Management, fresher

Nudes? What nudes? The only one I have is of my girlfriend of course. Y’know, just in case she reads this and all. Joking, well, lets just say the secret folder app is made to be a secret.

Shannon Jenkins, Zoology, fresher

I, personally, don’t have any nudes on my phone. Unfortunately I can’t store them because I have a Nokia. Worst part is I can’t take any either. Gutted.

Sam Jenkins, English Language, second year

I was going to try and make this interesting for you but, I have seven. Is that okay or too boring? Should I have more? Or is that a normal amount? I don’t know.

Kane Malone, Biology, third year

Do nudes of myself count? In that case probably about 15, maybe more. Other than that, none.


Leah Casey, Accounting and Finance, second year

I don’t have any. I think you should leave that to the mind and let your imagination do the work and wonder. Who wants to see a picture of a dick anyways, they’re ugly.

Ben Schats (right), Business, fresher


Maybe about 50, or just under. Maybe just over, maybe more I don’t know.

Jess Bellamy, Journalism, second year

Well, I don’t have any saved on my phone because I do receive them. They’re usually from creeps on Snapchat and if I’m honest I can’t really say they’re worth saving.

Beth Rudge, Journalism, second year

Oh gosh, bit forward. Well, at this moment in time I don’t have any but my boyfriend is always sending me them so who knows what the next few days shall bring.