Dapper Laughs returns to Cardiff

The controversial comedian will perform in Glam

Washed-out Dapper Laughs is scheduled to perform at Glam on 14th October, despite being pulled from Cardiff’s Students’ Union last February.

A petition for him to be banned from performing previously went viral on account of comments such as “get your gash out then” and “I would tell you a joke about my dick but it’s too long” – contradicting SU policy on lad culture.

But now the super funny and totally relevant comedian, real name Daniel O’Reilly, is back in the Welsh capital.

Such a daredevil

O’Reilly’s return forms a part of his Res-Erection tour.

Oliver Furby, a second year at Cardiff, said: “I get how he doesn’t fit in at the SU, but it shouldn’t influence him performing elsewhere in the city.

“At the end of the day, lots of people still enjoy his style of comedy and it’s up to you whether you go to see him or not.

“If you don’t like him then just don’t attend.”

Dapper Laughs will play Glam October 14th

The union previously cancelled his performance, saying: “Dapper Laughs is not allowed to perform on grounds that his show is incompatible with the Students’ Union’s policy on lad culture.”

Where the magic happens

Rachael Melhuish, Cardiff Sutdents’ Union Women’s Officer, declined to comment.

Glam nightclub also declined to comment.