Enterprising fresher funding Uni by selling clothes off his own back

From eBay to Cardiff Bay


18-year-old Jonny Thompson from West Yorkshire wants to come to Cardiff so desperately he is selling the clothes off his back to get there.

Jonny describes studying at Cardiff as a dream he has always had since a young age. It started with his love of Doctor Who and Torchwood, both filmed in the city, and after his first visit he knew it was the one for him.

“It’s such a beautiful place – the bay, the city, the landmarks. It really is the perfect place for me to study.

“I couldn’t see myself doing it anywhere else.”

Ahh Doctor Who and the rain – what Cardiff is all about.

So he found his city sweet heart but he needed the means to get there. Jonny’s parents are struggling with money and while Jonny has a part time job at his local radio station it isn’t enough.

As a result, he is selling his beloved clothes and collectables for a few must-haves like a new laptop and some new and improved threads – maybe a coat and a rain mac Jonny?

Jonny Thompson is keen for Cardiff

“I’m going through all my things, and I’m selling whatever I can in order to get the stuff I need for Cardiff. I’ll soon be selling books, DVD’s and magazines.

“Everything is going to be for sale so I’ll be able to go to Cardiff with everything I need.”

The wannabe actor explains that he doesn’t want to call on his parents to pay for the new items and wants the money to come from his pocket:

“I’ve chosen to sell them now because it’s the perfect chance to buy things for university, without pressurising my parents.”

Jonny’s beloved Doc Martens

Jonny is realistic about the money he will make, even one hundred quid would be a good enough. He also knows that there are items he is going to struggle to part with, his prized possessions, including his Doc Martins and Beano Comics.

“I think I’ll have a big clear out of my Beano comics. They’re a big part of my childhood, but I have literally hundreds and hundreds of issues.

“I used to order old copies when I was a kid. So I have issues ranging from the 60’s to now. I’ll depart with them, which will be hard.”

Jonny thinking about those Beano Comics

Trading in the Comics for Cardiff, a good decision Jonny.