Disickpointment: The Lord turns up to Glam HOURS late and snubs fans

£20 to watch a bloke sit in a booth

Glam clubbers were left seething last week when Scott Disick turned up hours late and refused to talk to or have photos with revellers.

The Lord rocked up with a six strong crew at around 2am, snubbed excited fans and stayed in his booth all night.

When he did finally make it to the DJ booth he stood there for about two minutes.

Scott in the DJ booth

Scott was then ushered in to VIP area “The Gallery” where he spent the rest of his night.

The Lord sat blank faced in the corner of his booth, unable to crack a smile.

Alcohol was delivered to the table, whilst his entourage stood on the leather seats of the booth.

Two bouncers had to escort Scott to the toilet. A queue of people were trying to get his attention but he was hesitant to stop and talk.

Scott in his booth

Glam hosted Scott Disick aka The Lord twice, on Sunday 1st and Tuesday 3rd Marc, as the first date sold out in under 24 hours.

For the past ten nights, the boyfriend of Kourtney K has been doing back to back appearances.

Accompanying the Lord on his UK nightclub tour is self proclaimed “Lord”, Lord Aleem, a Youtuber and carphenatic.

Looking a little worse for wear…

With all eyes on Scott, Lord Aleem didn’t really do much except drink out of a can of redbull and sit on his phone.

Angered fans took complained on Facebook about the night. One person described the night as a “shambles.”

Another said “To be fair, I don’t think it was Scott’s fault! Club management was a joke. I blame them.”

Whilst someone certainly didn’t get their money’s worth “£275 for a table couldn’t even see him, never mind a photo.”

“Lord Aleem”