What do your predrinks say about you?

You’re so Lambrini

alcohol drinking lambrini predrinks pres vodka what do your predrinks say about you

Everyone knows a good predrinks can set the tone for the night ahead, but there’s a diversity to the set ups. The next day’s cleaning always show a treasure trove of different booze, so what do your predrinks really say about you?

Grey Goose Premium Vodka

You’re a BNOC. The Facebook happy promoter inviting everybody they know to their never-ending parties, your invite list ranges from people you once had a seminar with to your Nan. A fan of the club photographer, your idea of fun is sitting in a booth in the Glam VIP surrounded by bodycon girls and surveying the plebs teeming on the dance floor before you.


You knew you were meant to grow up when you came to uni. You insist on surrounding yourself with screaming girls, a floordrobe of clothes and a selfie stick. But it’s not quite the same. Lambrini is familiar, cheap and never fails to get you smashed – just like when you used to guzzle it on a park bench every Friday night. It’s nostalgic.

20 cans of Carling

You are Sir Laddington Stanley – it doesn’t get any more uni than this. Inevitably found in the midst of a classic predrinks setup featuring a crate of beers and an intense Fifa competition. You don’t even like beer that much, but you drink it anyway because that’s what the bombardiers do. Nine times out of 10 your night ends up eating a kebab alone in bed, courtesy of Chippy Alley.

Tesco Everyday Value Vodka

The Cathays Veteran, if you were a plant you would be vanilla. You drink this relentlessly but always complain. Get over it, we’re all suffering.

Three litres of Frosty Jack’s Cider

The Sex Pistol. You don’t give a fuck, or at least you think you don’t. Frosty’s is for people who want to make sure everyone knows how little fucks they give and also how poor they are. Typically accompanied by a shit lid and coat always worn indoors. Nose rings are optional, blazing fat buds is compulsory.

Whatever’s going

The Wanderer. You love a bit of spontaneity, and regularly decide a night at Pryzm is a great idea. You’re so wild. You neck a couple of bottles of wine within the hour, followed by “one for the road”. Typically you’re the person that everyone fucking hates. Why are you joining predrinks half an hour before cabs? Why are you insisting someone takes you home? Why do we need to relive the shit night you caused the following morning 10 times? Even though you “can’t remember a thing”.