Would You Rather, Cardiff style

A Cardiffian twist on this classic game, loved by procrastinators all over the country.


Would you rather…

Lick the entire surface area of the floor at Metros, or all future sexual activity that you partake in during your university career has to take place upstairs at Live Lounge (ya know, the sofas where there’s always someone getting fingered).

Eau de metros all up in your face.

Have to go to Oceana 5 nights a week, and stay there for at least 4 hours, or go to a drinking location of your choice 5 nights a week, but shit yourself on entry, (you still have to stay there for at least 4 hours).

Why on earth has she got a baguette?

Sleep on one of the mattresses littering the streets of Cathays every night, or bathe yourself in the river Taff every day (naked, you’re not allowed to wear a swimsuit).

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Be followed around 24/7 by the busker on queen street who only ever plays Wonderwall, constantly playing Wonderwall, or be followed around 24/7 by a flock of birds from Roath Park.

A hitchcockian nightmare.

Live in Tallybont North for the duration of your degree, have no friends, but be guaranteed a first when you graduate, or live in a student crib, have loads of friends, but your work load is trebled.

So spacious.

Eat food purchased from chippy lane for every meal of every day for the duration of your degree, or eat normally for the whole week, apart from mondays, when you have to eat (and finish)  the biggest breakfast Ramon’s have to offer.

Yay or nay?