Cardiff in top 150 of world’s unis

Cardiff beats all other universities in Wales to rank 136th in the world

Cardiff University is the 136th best uni in the world, according to the QS world rankings.


Champions of Wales

Which doesn’t sound like much but it’s not bad going when you consider Swansea were ranked at 431-440 and Aberystwyth were in the 551-600 group.

Cardiff Met, Glamorgan and Newport failed to make the list.

Obvious UK chart toppers were Cambridge in 3rd place followed by UCL, Imperial and Oxford.

How to have fun MIT style

How to have fun MIT style

America’s MIT was awarded first place but they probably do deserve it with alumni including UN general secretary Kofi Annan, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a whole spaceship of astronauts, a body double for Brad Pitt and a backing dancer for Madonna.