Day ‘n’ Night

If you’re going to spend money, spend it wisely

Spending money on clothes can always be justified when you tell yourself ‘I’ll get a lot of wear out of it!’ But realistically this is never the case. Nobody likes to wear the same thing twice, especially on a night out. So instead of spending loads of money on clothes you’re only going to wear once, buy clothes you’ll wear twice. Or maybe even three times. You get the gist…

We have scanned the high street to find some of the latest trends that can be made to look good for whatever the occasion, day or night. So next time you’re slightly disheartened when you turn over the tag to check out the price, just remember that whatever it is on the hanger, give yourself permission to purchase if it can be worn on whatever the occasion.

Black tube pants from Topshop

Good alternative to leggings, especially for people who fail to realise that 90% of leggings are see-through and that no, we do not wish to stare at your arse as you walk up the stairs in front of us.

Anastasia Prutova, first year Journalism student

Also wearing; denim jacket and rucksack, Hobos vintage clothing store found in the High Street Arcade. White Ramones tee, New Look. Shoes, models own

Anastasia again!

Also wearing; coral crop top, New Look. Accessories, models own.

Denim Shorts,  Hobos

Notice we have not chosen denim hotpants. Again, put your arses away. Denim SHORTS are good to go with everything and great for summer.

Tina Chiyambukira on the right, first year Journalism student

Also wearing; black Jack Daniels tee, River Island. Red Adidas jacket, JD sports. Tights and shoes, models own

Tina again!

Also wearing; shirt, Topshop. Shoes, models own.

White dress, Warehouse

A cute, summer option for when you want to make an effort during the day instead of wearing jeans and a jumper.

Hazel Mangoche, first year English student

Also wearing; shoes, coat and accessories, models own

Hazel again!

Also wearing; shoes and accessories, models own


Patterned trousers, New Look

Comfy and casual, but also good  for a different look on a night out.

Anastasia on the left

Also wearing; green jumper, H&M, Converse, stylist’s own

Anastasia again!

Also wearing; top and shoes, stylist’s own, bag, model’s own