Varsity Month Begins

Cardiff and Swansea prepare to clash as the Welsh Varsity returns on the 24th April

The largest student sporting event in Wales is just weeks away. Both Cardiff and Swansea will be preparing to showcase their finest talents with over 20 sporting events taking place throughout the day to claim those all-important bragging rights.

The Welsh Varsity Shield is the ultimate prize for the victorious university, a prize that Swansea has never won since the inaugural Welsh Varsity 17 years ago.

Whilst Cardiff as a collective team aim to clinch their 17th title in as many years, the Cardiff Men’s Rugby Union team look to have a repeat of last year and defend their Varsity Cup in the showcase event of the day at the Millennium Stadium.

Cardiff with the cup last year

History shows that Swansea are the favourites winning on 10 occasions, losing only 5 times and drawing once back in 2001. However, after last year’s victory and beating Swansea in the BUCS league this season, Cardiff will fancy their chances.

Captain’s Head-to-Head 2013

Even if you are not the biggest rugby enthusiast, there is more than just sport on offer. Whilst the girls take a breath from staring at the rugby players, the lads of the audience can enjoy the half time cheer leading spectacle.

Every year the Cardiff Snake Charmers take on the Swansea Sirens in an epic dance off with the less than sober audience making their opinions known.

Cardiff Snake Charmers

Varsity is all about coming together to support your fellow students when pride is on the line. The support is what makes Varsity so special. The city is awash with green and red accompanied by the odd ‘friendly’ comment to each other in passing. (A list of chants will follow in the The Tab’s Varsity build-up).

Whilst the focus of the day is very much on the sporting events, it is important to state just how important the support of the remaining student population is. It is not acceptable to be out-manned by Swansea in our own back yard. Think of it as a separate Varsity event between the supporters of who can shout the loudest – those who attended last year’s Men’s football match will understand.

Team Cardiff enjoying the win last year

Third years are the ‘Varsity Veterans’ and know that it’s probably the best day of the year, so you all need to go out on a big one if you’re graduating this year.

Second years probably can’t remember much of last year after getting too excited and more than likely peaked too early, learn from your mistakes and pace yourselves.

First years. Ignore the second year’s advice. The Fresher’s Varsity Rugby game is a great event and has never been won by Cardiff so get down there and support it. This will be the best day of your first year so go hard or go home.

It doesn’t matter what course you do, if the Medics can take a day off, anybody can. Varsity is for everyone, so come April 24th, don the Cardiff red and let’s clinch that 17th shield.