Election fever hits Cathays

Yes they’re annoying but they do want what’s best for you!

Noticed a few more people than usual sporting fancy dress around Cathays? We did too and it turns out election fever is about to hit Cardiff!

We caught up with The Tab’s own Teleri ‘The Fairy’ Williams, hopeful candidate for Welfare VP, and followed her on the campaign trail.

The fairy-mobile

After an early start we hit the crossroads and joined the other candidates vying for a position in the Student Union.

Amidst a sea of discarded flyers it became apparent how hard the candidates were willing to work to get votes and with their trusty teams doing everything and anything to get  attention, the competition was well and truly on!

Well we wouldn’t want that…

Throughout the morning Teleri explained her manifesto, including policies on safety and security, greater awareness of counselling and careers services and reducing the taboo surrounding student sexual health, as her slogan goes, ‘Don’t be blonde, wrap your wand!’

Hers and her team of fairy’s enthusiasm is obvious, and their cheerleading moves somewhat dubious but at the end of the day campaigning with them turned out to be a good laugh.

Displaying their… exemplary cheerleading skills

Their day is far from being over though and the FairyLADs can be found in Glam and Tiger Tiger tonight, no doubt causing havoc on the dancefloor!

If Teleri or any of the other candidates have ‘tinkered your bell’ then click here for more information and remember voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 5th March!

Good luck Fairies, The Tab salutes you!

In case it’s escaped your gaze around Cathays