They found love in a hopeless place

Don’t tell the bride meets Cardiff Uni’s Drink the Bar Dry

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… Marriage

Cardiff Students Union a hotbed of horny freshers, STIs and wedding bells it would turn out. Everyone who’s ever said ‘you’re hardly likely to meet your life partner in the union’ to their hopeful friends, take it back, you’ve been proven wrong!

This Easter’s Drink the Bar Dry (DTBD) event marks the ten year anniversary of Claire and Liam, a couple who met at that very event and who this March are tying the knot!

Now before you get over excited they’re not actually getting married at DTBD but it is being held with a wedding theme in their honour.

Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, get your veils and tuxes at the ready and who knows maybe in ten years time there’ll be another DTBD wedding!

A dangerous mixture