Stop and smell the rosé

Cheap plonk no more, wine prices set to soar!


Pre drink on two for £5 bottles of wine? Well, rationing may be necessary as wine prices are set to rise. . .

After the seemingly endless bad weather grape harvests have been ruined. With the fall in production prices are likely to rise as demand exceeds supply.

Experts have stated global output will hit its lowest level in more than 30 years.

Frederico Castellucci, Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, said: “We are dipping into reserves to keep supply up.”

Vine and Wine have predicted that worldwide production of wine will be down nearly half a billion gallons by the new year.

Any wine that is produced will need time to ferment before it is put on sale. So, this could mean that Salisbury Store sees a rise in the demand for vodka and lambrini this winter…

Cardiff student, Dan said: “To be honest, we drink whatever is cheapest, so if we can’t get filthy wine for a fiver for much longer, I’m sure we can booze on something else!”