Pint-sized prices

The nation’s cheapest pint has been announced, and guess which uni is on top…

We’ve claimed it for years, but now it’s official: Cardiff has the cheapest pints of any university in the country.

According to, the average price for a lager in the UK is £2.90, 53p more than Cardiff’s average.

The top five cheapest pints are in:

1. Cardiff £2.37
2. Leeds £2.45
3. Swansea £2.50
4. Liverpool £2.50
5. Birmingham £2.57

And students in Wales get the best bang for their buck as southerners are forced to splash out. The most expensive cities are:

1. Oxford £4.50
2. York £4.25
3. Cambridge £3.50
4. London £3.50
5. Bath £3.10

London, Bath and York’s prices are possibly affected by high levels of tourism. Perhaps the high prices in Oxford and Cambridge explain their academic success – they can’t afford to have a laugh.

The world’s cheapest pint can be found in Tajikistan at a rock-bottom 30p, while the most expensive is in Greenland, where a bev will set you back £7.35.

So next time you are out in a bar and complaining about how extortionate the price of a vodka double is, just make the switch to lager and revel in your bargain buy.