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Queens’ Student found not guilty of rape

It took 9 hours to reach the verdict

Queens’ student on trial for sexually assaulting fellow student

Prithvi Sridhar, 21, is said to have forced himself on the alleged victim after taking her home on a night out.

Jamie Roberts tackles Cindies

Move over Simba, Cindies has a new Lion King.

TAB EXCLUSIVE: Turf releases 2015 May Ball movie

It’s making us very excited for clubbing in Michaelmas

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As the tide of exams recedes, the tsunami that is the Cambridge clubbing scene has returned

Now you can get baptised at Cindies

In other news, Spoons is offering funeral services

Fresh Prince of Ballare: The best club photos this week

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Ode to: Cindies

Ever been to Cindies and thought ‘this place deserves a poem?’ We did

We Kuda seen it coming… Survey dubs Cambridge clubs worst in UK

‘Which?’ University Student Survey reveals the worst and best amongst British university nightlife scenes

What Your Choice of Cambridge Club Says About You

Going out tonight? HARRY ELLIOTT analyses you as a person based on your clubbing choices

Man Attacks Woman With Champagne Bottle In Cindies

A woman, 19, was hit over the head with a champagne bottle in Cindies after spurning the advances of a male reveller.

Sin(dy)ful: club manager robbed drinking socs to pay back parking fines.

The former Manager of Life and Cindies took his employers for a ride, stealing to pay off parking fees.

The Worst Club in Cambridge?

It’s time to settle that age-old debate once and for all: which is Cambridge’s worst nightclub? Click here to cast your vote!

Si B Says Bye To Big Fish Ents

Nightlife icon and much-loved Cambridge personality Simon Burdus is leaving Cambridge for pastures new. Everybody’s sad.

“Still Closing” Sez Fez

If you thought Fez was going to stay open, think again.