TAB EXCLUSIVE: Turf releases 2015 May Ball movie

It’s making us very excited for clubbing in Michaelmas

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You may have read in The Tab this week that Cambridge club-smashers Turf have a released a mammoth list of line-ups for the coming term. You may have also checked out the Facebook page, booked some tickets and brushed up on your DJ knowledge via YouTube (it impresses girls, right?) but you definitely haven’t seen this – yet.

Today Turf launch exclusively in conjunction with The Tab their highlight reel for 2015, and it’s pretty special: featuring huge names like as Fuse ODG and Grandmaster Flash; filmed across Cambridge at May Balls, June Events and other debauched dancing dens, it’s the perfect way to work yourself up for their event on Thursday night. Plus, you might even see yourself awkwardly dancing in black tie, and we all love to see that.