Nick Cordingly
Queens', History Nick would like to describe himself as a social democrat, an atheist, a male feminist and a libertarian, but to do so makes him sound like a prick, a fact seemingly reinforced by his very self-conscious glasses. In reality he's someone who spends a lot of time getting…

BNOC Culture

NICK CORDINGLY bemoans the rise of the ‘big name’.

Archaic Adonians

NICK CORDINGLY asks whether the the infamous Adonians are as archaic as we think.

Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

Cambridge Lads? That’s Shit Chat, Mate

When did ‘banter’ get so bloody boring?

Jordan? Please, Bring Back Greer

Can Ms Price be described as a champion for anything except self-promotion?

Debate: Is Cambridge Nightlife Dead?

NICK CORDINGLY and EVIE PRICHARD debate whether the Cambridge club scene is live and kicking or a bit of a snooze.

A Strike of Stupidity?

The union’s cause is good, but their methods are questionable. Today’s strikes risk doing more harm than good.

The Publicity of Protests

Want your cause to get heard by the media? It seems that violence is the way to go.

Kim K’s Wedding Prompted An Interesting Gay Debate

Kim K got married and then divorced within 72 days. Why shouldn’t gay couples get the chance to do so too?

Royally Irrelevant

Naming Prince William as the most influential man in the world is a travesty to modern society – what do the Royal Family actually do?

The Rise Of A New Political Class?

The vast majority of important politicians come from Oxbridge backgrounds. But the problem is that they don’t have any experience of the real world.