Fresh Prince of Ballare: The best club photos this week

As the tide of exams recedes, the tsunami that is the Cambridge clubbing scene has returned

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We have once again been unleashed on the extensive and high calibre nightlife of our beloved city, and with it returns everyone’s favourite pictorial illustration of the good, the bad, and the genuinely WTF.


Post-exam happiness:

But apparently not everyone is relishing the sweet sweet freedom…

Post-exam sadness:

Best photobombs:

The eyes made it

Desperation level 1000

When sneaking in at the back of a photo isn’t enough

Best bromance:

WTF of the week:

Vertical is just too mainstream


I’m like a bird

Commitment to the game:

Nothing will stand in his way


Never. Stop. Drinking. Not even for the photo.

It’s almost like she’s actually there

And last but not least…

Fresh Prince:

Fresh princess candidate in the background

Fresh Princess:

Runners Up

Until next time.