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Online outcry at announcement of plans for Cindies’ closure

If you thought the CUSU elections were dramatic, just check Camfess

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On 6th March, the planning committee of Cambridge City Council's planning agreed a revamp of the Lion Yard shopping centre which, horrifyingly, included a new hotel where Cindies is currently located. We know. A disaster.

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Someone get the pitchforks! (Source)

A new basement club is to be constructed underneath Lion Yard to house a replacement for Cindies; Cambridge City Council planning officer Mairead O'Sullivan emphasised that the new site will be purpose-built for student nightlife – unlike Cindies which, weirdly, used to be offices.

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I don't know who Louise is but unless she's a planning regulator for Cambridge City Council I'm not sure she's going to be much help (Source)

Despite the promise of two separate dance floors and "state-of-the-art" noise insulation in the new club, many students are understandably plotting revolution at the prospect of losing access to our beloved Ballare. What other self-respecting club will have strange pieces of furniture in the smoking area which look like Playmobile?

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Ok you've gone too far now (Source)

Given Cindies constitutes a veritable landmark on the Cam, it's surprisng that not all Cantabs were heartbroken at the prospect of its closure.

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Someone get this person a VK and a hug. Everything is clearly not okay at home. (Source)

In posts which were definitely better suited to Grudgebridge than Camfess, some students celebrated the prospects of quieter Wednesday nights. Maybe they like Dangerspoons more.

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Where on earth do you walk at 1am on Thursday mornings. (Source)

As a recent leisure survey approximated that Cindies composes around 35 per cent of club capacity in Cambridge, even its temporary closure will change the dynamics of student nightlife on the Cam.

However, there's not too much reason to panic (yet).

While Cindies will be closed for "up to two years" during the renovation works at Lion Yard, the club's owners have said it is still "early days" in the planning process: assuring its doting fans that it will push for completion in under the projected two years.

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Manifesto pledges for 2020? (Source)

To the great sadness of Cindies' online haters, the inner workings of council bureaucracy could mean that current undergraduates aren't affected by the building works at all.

Given The Tab Cambridge reported plans for Cindies' closure last year (I'm not kidding), there's no need to start planning Wednesday night trips to Fez just yet.

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