Man Attacks Woman With Champagne Bottle In Cindies

A woman, 19, was hit over the head with a champagne bottle in Cindies after spurning the advances of a male reveller.

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Picture a rough night out and Manchester, London, or Glasgow might spring to mind. With its recent spate of clubbing casualties however, Cambridge is not far behind in the danger stakes.

Cindies was the site of the most recent crime (and we’re not talking about the music), after an attack on a 19 year old girl left her needing reconstructive surgery.

Monique Henville was on a typical night out in town when she was accosted by a fellow clubber. The man repeatedly tried to chat her up but she ignored him, preferring to spend the night with her friends.

After rejecting him multiple times, his rage seemingly bubbled over and he emptied his champagne bottle over her head. The man then proceeded to smash his bottle across Monique’s face – leaving her badly injured and bleeding.

Her injuries were so extensive that she needed five hours of reconstructive surgery – the blow having smashed her teeth and jaw bone.

She later commented  ‘There was a big chunk out of one side of my jaw and the other side was shattered. I had two operations and they had to put a plate in and bolts and a wire for my teeth. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t eat for six weeks and I am not being funny but I love my food!’

Monique, thankfully, alive and well.

Luckily Monique was left with no lasting facial damage. She has however forsworn Cambridge Nightlife: ‘I don’t go out anymore because of what happened. It is too scary.’

The Police are on the case and have issued an image of the attacker (below)

Have you seen this man? Please contact the police with any information.

PC Fergus Cowley said: ‘This was an unprovoked attack that left the victim needing surgery to her face. I would urge anyone with information to come forward.’