A Northerner’s Guide to Cambridge

A belta guide for you and your marras

Missing the city

Moving from a big city to Cambridge can be a culture shock

What Cambridge has done to the Mancunian in me

Warning: this article contains generalisations, slang and repeated references to 90s alt rock

A reading week would ruin Cambridge

CUSU Women’s campaign and CDE have bred and spawned a new hashtag monster, #endweek5blues.

Cambridge stumbles as odd couple Stanford and Manchester stride ahead

We’re worse than Manchester

I’d rather be at any other Uni than Cambridge

Cambridge is shit. Let’s stop kidding ourselves

Great Year For Nascent Handball Team

Cambridge team destroys all opposition apart from GDBO.

Lauren Chaplin – the butterfly effect

The schmaltz continues as LAUREN CHAPLIN discusses Hebrew, choices, and Myspace wisdom.

The Tab Meets… The 1975

JAMES LOWTHER caught up with Matthew Healy of The 1975 to discuss touring schedules, the frailty of awards and song stealing

Man Attacks Woman With Champagne Bottle In Cindies

A woman, 19, was hit over the head with a champagne bottle in Cindies after spurning the advances of a male reveller.

So You Want to Leave the Bubble?

JOE WHITWELL broke out, made it back alive, and wants you to do the same.

The Mancunian Candidate

ADAM KIRTON shares his (slightly bizarre) experiences of being a Northerner in Cambridge.

Balotelli Snubs Union

Man City striker, Mario Balotelli, has rejected an invite to speak at the Union.

Manc Wank Prank

Another Uni has been added to the list of not-so-subtle masturbators. Lovely.

Get Your Tatts Out, Boys!

The Tab spoke to four Cambridge boys with tattoos to see whether getting inked up affected their lives.

Sophie Thorpe

Join our brand new columnist SOPHIE THORPE as she struggles through life as a posh girl.

What To Do On New Year’s Eve

Take a look at The Tab’s guide to the best 2011 NYE parties.

Tab Interview: I Am Kloot

‘The guy who wrote that sounds like… a bloody c**t who’s never had sex before.’ I AM KLOOT bassist PETER JOBSON sorts out his critics. STEPHEN YANG asks the questions.

Society Spy: It’s Grim Up North

…Or not. The Society Spies infiltrate the North Society and address the North-South divide.

Northerners gloat: Manchester is deemed ‘better than London’

Manchester beats London in city rankings