Vica Germanova

Vica Germanova
Cambridge University


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The REACTION – ‘unethical pariahs’: Caius students left bemused by Master’s email

He called them future ‘insider traders, exchange rate riggers and corrupt Volkswagen engineers’

REVIEW: Trinity May Ball

VICA GERMANOVA is extremely impressed by the biggest party in town

REVIEW: Magdalene May Ball

VICA GERMANOVA was left bedazzled by the night of magic, but bewildered by the lack of mayhem

Now you can get baptised at Cindies

In other news, Spoons is offering funeral services

Cambridge bring back ‘sexist’ jelly wrestling after a three year hiatus

Are you bikini body ready?

Can we all please stop panicking over the repeal of the Human Rights Act?

No one’s coming for your right to education, freedom or life

This week’s guest Agony Aunt: UKIP Pete

Wise advice from a sage of UKIP party politics

Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Races 2015: Live blog


Review: The Union’s Bicentenary Ball

VICA GERMANOVA is suitably impressed with Cambridge’s most expensive birthday party

Girton in bedlam as “unfair” and “backstabbing” room ballot leaves students fuming

It’s all getting rather Mean Girls at Girton

Party pooper gets Queens’ bops banned by pooing all over bathroom

It’s a classic case of poodunnit

Beardy left ‘wanting to weep’ by no-platform trolls, signs letter of opposition

Beard says no to no-platforming

Buzzing! Union confirms Aldrin event

We’re all buzzing with excitement (overkill?)

I was a wanna-Bi – and I feel really, really bad about it

I thought I was bi. Turns out I’m not

Cops release stats saying Cambridge is crawling with crime

Cambridge – not so safe

Week 4 Cartoon: Michelangelo Madness

Even if you hate Art, you should go see them

How criminal is your college?

They weren’t too happy we asked

20k Cantab success stories ‘inspire a generation’ in new CUSU book

CUSU pulling it out the bag

Cambridge to become futuristic techno town as ‘radical transport solutions’ considered

It’s the sound of the underground (or monorail)

Theo Paphitis at the Union: ‘What makes you think that your degree entitles you to a job?’

He pulled no punches

Tab Reviews: Bedouin


Cambridge reacts to controversial multi-million fund for Israeli post-doc fellows

Just when you thought controversy had ceased

The Tab Reviews: Lean

Be warned, this play will bring a tear (or many) to your eye.

Week 1 Cartoon: Dedicated to our darling Prime Minister

It’s funny cos he’s stupid

Lean mean thieving machine strikes ADC – for a fridge

Have you seen this … drumroll… Fridge of Sighs?

CUSU cringing hard in sex cam hashtag drama

Applying to Cambridge? Want a webcam bonk? It’s all the same, according to CUSU

UPDATED: Full Lent term card released as Union scrambles to reclaim one of few star speakers

You can stop holding your breath – not that you were

Rumpus on campus as mystery meat found on Downing Paddock

We’re not steaking the piss

Superman dat no! As lethal pills kill four in Ipswich, feds issue warning to Cantabs

They’re super-lethal and not so MDMAzing after all

Gardies launch manhunt for ‘inhuman’ Grinch who stole Christmas (tips)

Gardies have released CCTV footage capturing the theft of their Christmas tip box by a young male customer last Thursday night

Homophobic monk from hell arrested after taunting Cambridge LGBT in handwritten hate letter

A Catholic monk handing out leaflets in Cambridge describing AIDS as ‘God’s punishment for gays’ and transsexuals as ‘possessed by demons’ has been arrested

We Kuda seen it coming… Survey dubs Cambridge clubs worst in UK

‘Which?’ University Student Survey reveals the worst and best amongst British university nightlife scenes

Review: The Wives of Others

VICA GERMANOVA is impressed by this fantastic piece of Tarantino-esque student writing which left the audience with mixed reactions of hilarity and horror

Review: Law Ball 2014

VICA GERMANOVA finds almost nothing to criticise in this year’s Studio 54-themed night of glamour and glitter

EXCLUSIVE: Churchill Spring Ball headliner announced

The Tab bagged an interview with one of the Spring Ball presidents, and can exclusively reveal this year’s headliner

Cantab charity cyclists held at gunpoint in Turkey

Nick Codrington and Laurence Gribble survived being held at gunpoint during their charity cycle from London to Hong Kong.

Jesus fellow now quite a big deal at the UN, apparently

Professor James Crawford, a Jesus fellow and Law professor, has been elected as a judge at the International Court of Justice in the Hague

Meet the new Cambridge punters drinking society

We’ve hunted down the newly-established ‘Grex Club’, a punter-only drinking society offering swaps with Cantabs

BREAKING: Jeremy Paxman is boycotting us because we’re ‘disgraceful’

Paxo hates The Tab

Glacial Girton! Freezing students faint with illness as college refuses to turn on heating

Mass hysteria as room temperatures plummet and the heating remains off in Girton

Mystery drunk mower rampages over King’s lawn

The rear lawn of King’s is apparently now being mown diagonally…

Bulldogs bite the dust as Churchill clamps down on ‘sinister’ old boys’ Pitt Club swap

Senior tutor suggests events are ‘predatory’ and ‘unsavoury’