Now you can get baptised at Cindies

In other news, Spoons is offering funeral services

Ballare baptism Cindies nightclub

Ever fantasised about being reborn into a life of everlasting forgiveness and salvation for your formerly lost soul? 

…Ever seen it happening in the grotty nightclub wherein said soul was lost sometime between Jägerbombs last Michaelmas?

This Sunday, Ballare nightclub will play host to a series of baptisms run by Kingsgate.

The Revolution Sunday services transform the club into a space for worship and prayer

The startup community church changed the face of Cambridge’s religious scene for good with its “Revolution” Sunday student services last year.

This marks the first such baptism service to be held at the Lion’s Yard location, but as the church continues to expand both locally and nationally, it may well not be your last chance.

Steve Squirrell, a Selwyn College alumnus and the student/young adult leader organising the event, described the location as “ideal.”

“It’s right in the centre of town, people know where it is, and it’s also quite accessible. It’s somewhere that’s already been part of a student’s world.”

A different kind of holy spirit

The baptisms will take place in a “large wooden paddling pool” filled up with bar taps. Six church members will be baptised.

“I think there’s no better place for it,” said one Newnham fresher who plans to attend the event. “Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, if I was to be baptised I’d want it done in the place I’d committed the most sin.”

Hannah Jeanes, a Churchill second year, added: “It really is a picture of what we’re celebrating in the act of baptism – that God doesn’t wait for us to clean ourselves up and have everything together, but that he came and met us in the very place of our mess and brokenness.”

“Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this Sunday evening and find out more about the church and what we do.”

Best not pre-drink for this one, though.