Expert Analysis: Cindies Will Be Saved

Si B gives us his expert analysis on the crisis facing Cambridge’s clubs. They may be saved in the short run, but will they transform?

Nightclub Owner Folds BUT CINDIES STAYS (for now)

Cambridge clubs are in trouble as huge financial problems hit owners. But they will remain open for the time being.

Broken Bones In Cindies

A John’s student is must pay £3,800 compensation after fracturing another student’s pelvis in Cindies.

Lola Lo

KATIE MAIR checks out Lola Lo. Despite expensive cocktails, she likes it.

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

What to do to send them running for that restraining order.

Estate Cars and Wham Bars.

BOBBY MULLINS attempts to wear Jamie Cullum as a hat.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates

The Tab’s pick of this week’s highs and lows.

Review: Cindies

Merrow Golden reviews Cindies with the critical rigour of one of your better supervision essays.

Dim Lights and Cambridge Nights

LVJ condemns Cambridge nightlife.

Brussel Sprouts and Jelly Babies

The Initation Ceremony: A rite of passage. And a bloody good laugh.