Conga Criminal in Lola Lo

A Mambo Marauder active Lola Lo was given 4 weeks inside for stealing phones while DANCING.

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A man has been sentenced to four weeks in prison for stealing phones in Lola Lo… by dancing.

Groovin’ gangster Wasil Bouarfa, 23, was arrested last week and pleaded guilty to nicking seven mobiles in Lola Lo.

The Cambridge Magistrates’ Court was told that he would grind on female victims and then pickpocket them. Presumably they were too distracted by his moves to notice.

The site of the crime. SIM-ply despicable.

Cantabs are none too happy about the conga criminal. Juan Zober de Francisco told The Tab that he hopes this “smooth criminal gets what’s coming to him.” Rest easy, Juan, he’s doing the Jailhouse Rock already.

But it seems that this is just part of a spate of recent phone thefts in Cambridge pubs and clubs.

In 2008, Cambridge was ranked as the worst city for mobile phone crime in Britain. Figures show that a whopping 20% of Cambridge residents have been victims of mobile fraud.

And the trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Alice Fulwood, a Pembroke third year, had her phone stolen on a recent Saturday night in Spoons.

“I looked down at my bag and saw it was open,” says Alice. “I reported it to the bouncers but they said it was one of nine phones reported missing in the last half hour.”

Cambridgeshire police have issued a warning, describing the thefts as “a continuing problem in the city centre.”

“The majority of phones have been stolen from bags, often while still on the victim. People should keep valuables safely tucked away and be wary of anyone hanging around acting suspiciously.”