Review: ‘Detention: A Sketch Show’

Excellent comedy let down by a silly premise

REVIEW: R+J: a new interpretation of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet

Prokofiev’s ballet is stunningly performed and incredibly moving.

REVIEW: Krapp’s Last Tape [+ movements]

Francesco Loy Bell was impressed by a professional and innovative performance.

The Week Ahead: The F Word, Jeremy Vine and The History Boys

A better alternative than trying to sort through the chaos of all the Facebook events you’ve clicked attending on.

REVIEW: Yearwalk

Joanna Taylor and Tom Whittaker get pissed, go to the ADC and find out what they get up to in Girton.

CUDS Dance Show 2015: Evolution

♪♪ You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life ♪♪

Things we regret on a night out

ARU newbie, ALISON DEVLIN, tells us the inevitable after a night out.

No napping with Napper

Isobel Cockerell meets Cambridge DJ legend, Napper Tandy, founder of Turf.

A Clockwork Orange: Behind the Scenes

WILL DALRYMPLE delves deep into this ‘real horroshow’ of a play…

Album Review: Chromeo – White Women

The Funk Lordz are back, looking to perk us up with some deliciously sultry tunes

Young Kato @ The Portland Arms

LOUIS DU SAUZAY thinks up-and-coming band Young Kato proved their potential at the Portland Arms.

Essential Choons

With Week 1 now like, so last week, MAYA HAMMY provides some essential choonage to congratulate you on all your hard work.


HANNAH MIRSKY is left breathless by a show that has fun in (almost) the filthiest way possible.


SAM MELLOR aims to lead at least a few of our library slaves to unsavoury raves with a preview of the term’s club life.


LEORA TARATULA-LYONS is disappointed by a dance production distracted by its own ‘hubristic’ ambitions

The Music Box

ALICE BOUGHTON finds hidden treasure deep in the black box of Corpus Playroom.

Conga Criminal in Lola Lo

A Mambo Marauder active Lola Lo was given 4 weeks inside for stealing phones while DANCING.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG delves ever deeper into delusion and denial.

Emma Ents Featuring D/R/U/G/S

ELLIOTT HILLARY reckons this term’s Emma Ents ended on a fantastic D/R/U/G/S fuelled high.

Interview: Cherry and Ruby

‘We do it to give a draw dropping, tantalising experience.’ EVIE PRICHARD talks to Burlesque performers CHERRY AND RUBY about sequins, french knickers and nudity.