The Week Ahead: The F Word, Jeremy Vine and The History Boys

A better alternative than trying to sort through the chaos of all the Facebook events you’ve clicked attending on.

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ADC Theatre

Footlights Presents: Xylophone

23:00, 3rd – 6th Feb; £7

“Xylophone” is a brand new sketch show in alphabetical order.

Nobody knows why our alphabet is arranged in the way it is. It is a question that has baffled archaeologists, linguists, and scientists alike. And yet that odd order of disconnected squiggles has been with us for centuries. Let us take you now on an epic journey through its twenty-six letters. In a world where antelopes have to come before zebras and happiness has to come before profit, anything is possible.

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society presents: Spring Awakening

7:45pm, 2nd – 6th; £10

2:30pm, Sat 6th

Don’t miss this groundbreaking Tony Award-winning rock musical celebrating youth and rebellion, and experience the most daring, poignant musical of term SPRING AWAKENING at the ADC.

Corpus Playhouse

Life of Galileo

Tuesday 2 – Saturday 6 February , 19:00; £7/£6 (Tue £6/£5)

A radical and shockingly relevant historical epic from one of the 20th Century’s greatest writers, this astonishing play looks at what happens when one man speaks up, and when society shouts him down; when a world-changing discovery is made, but no-one wants to know.

Debate and Discussion

Jeremy Vine

1st February 19:00

Free for union members

Jeremy is a presenter, broadcaster and journalist. He is well known for both television and radio as the presenter of his own BBC Radio 2 programme and the quiz show Eggheads. His previous roles in the BBC are impressive and varied: he was the presenter of Newsnight and Panorama, the political correspondent at Westminster, a reporter on the Radio 4 Today programme and the Africa correspondent.

This event will be streamed live to members at

My Hair is Pink Under this Veil

Tuesday 2nd February, 13:00

Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Review of International Affairs is pleased to host Cllr Rabina Khan, a Bangladeshi-born British writer, politician, councillor for Shadwell, former Cabinet Member for Housing in Tower Hamlets Council, community worker and author of Ayesha’s Rainbow.

Cllr Khan will be discussing public life, Islamophobia, and the role of Muslim women in UK contemporary politics. Ms Khan was featured in the New York Times’s 2015 short film, Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Girls, available here:

“The F Word” – a Discussion

Tuesday 2nd February, 18:30

Trinity College

What do we mean when we talk about feminism? Why would you choose to call/not call yourself a feminist? Can everyone be a feminist? What does it mean to be a feminist within a Cambridge context? Trinity FemSoc’s first open platform discussion – in which we discuss the importance of vocabulary, tone and discussion in relation to feminism, and within feminism. All genders are welcome, and encouraged to attend.

In the evening

Fitz Up Look Sharp

Fitz College

Friday 5th Feb, 21:00; £7

Dustin is making his way up to Cambridge (all the way from Germany) to lead FULS for a night of strictly quality music. He is part of the German label “Giegling”, which had its first showcase at the infamous Berghain a couple weeks ago. Dustin himself regularly plays in the lighter upstairs of the club called “Panorama bar”, but has also been part of the line up at festivals like “Nachtiville”, “Fusion” and “Dimensions”.

Come dressed as an astronaut, stars or in the spaceiest get-ups you can find.


Other things to look out for:

The History Boys

2-6th February, 19:00, £6

Pembroke New Cellars, Pembroke College

“History nowadays is not a matter of conviction. It’s a performance. It’s entertainment. And if it isn’t, make it so.”

Yorkshire, 1983. 8 unruly grammar-school pupils are competing with the best in the country for places at Cambridge and Oxford. They are helped (or perhaps hindered) in their efforts by two radically different teachers, one who is struggling to resist the eroticism of transmission of knowledge, and another who seems to think history is all a game. Meanwhile, they struggle through the perils of adolescent love, sex, and the problem of how to cheat a system that’s been around for hundreds of years.

“What is history? History is women following behind with a bucket.”

Cambridge University Christian Union #nofilter Week

Monday 1st  to Friday 5th February

Various Locations and times

The week is a range of events put on for the whole university – agnostic, atheist, or committed to any faith – to invite people to consider life without the filter. The social media trend #nofilter centres on the desire to see things how they really are, for authenticity, for the truth. This week is an invitation to explore the filters that surround us in the world and who we are as individuals – to see life, and the life that Jesus offers, without the filter.

There are talks and Q&As with a complimentary lunch every day from Monday to Friday (1st-5th) at Great St Marys Church, themed on ‘#nofilter on culture’ – focussing on issues that we all encounter and asking what success, identity, pleasure, social justice and hope really mean.

In the afternoons there is a #nofilter Cafe where anyone is invited to come and discuss with Christians, asking whatever questions they might have over coffee and cake.

And in the evenings there are events each night from Tuesday to Friday, 7:30-8:30 in St Andrew the Great Church, with live music, performances and a talk on the theme of ‘#nofilter on Jesus’ – aiming to get past the preconceptions and look at what Jesus really said, looking at moments in the gospel of Luke and inviting people to see what they think.