Louis Shankar

Louis Shankar
Cambridge University


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REVIEW: Way To Heaven

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by the performances in this troubling but moving play.

Review: The Quick And The Damned

A creative and compelling new piece of writing, finds LOUIS SHANKAR.

The Tab meets: Quentin Blake

He’s a genuinely wonderful and lovely person

Review: The Soliloquy of Discontent

LOUIS SHANKAR is left in awe at this new, one-off piece of student writing

Sometimes it’s really hard being a man

Louis Shankar; Week Six

Review: Bafflesmash presents – Back in the Cellar

Absurdity, lunacy, and intelligence: presenting Bafflesmash’s second show

Militant Agnosticism is the way forward

Louis Shankar: Week Five

Preview: Eugene Onegin

It’s pronounced On-yea-gin

Hot Numbers

Coffee like you’ve never seen before.

Romance is dead, long live romance?

Louis Shankar: Week Four

Review: Henry V

Once more unto the Arts Theatre, dear friends, once more.

Review: Kenneth Watton’s Bedtime Chat Show

Don’t mention the bears

Let’s talk about race

Louis Shankar: Week Three

Renaissance ‘whodunnit’ uncovers new Michelangelo sculptures

Naked men riding panthers: what more could you want?

The Trials and Tribulations of Art History

Louis Shankar: Week Two

ArcSoc Cabaret: Saturate

Colour, alcohol, music, dancing, life drawing: what more do you need?

Love Art After Dark

Art, booze and sophistication

Osama the Hero – Review

A dark but interesting play filled with strong performances.

CUDS Dance Show 2015: Evolution

♪♪ You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life ♪♪

Who am I?

Louis Shankar: Week One

Scandal: Representations of the Nude Body

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by this exhibition exploring nudity and its place in art

Review: Romeo and Juliet

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is far from impressed by this rewrite of one of his most famous plays.

Review: Songs from the Shows

WILL POPPLEWELL enjoyed this concert of show tunes but was far from blown away.

Review: The Bald Prima Donna

MARK DANCINGER pense que La Cantatrice Chauve est très bien (He thinks the play is good).

Review: Love and Money

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by the performances in this chaotic but thought-provoking play.

Review: Proof

MARK DANCIGER is blown away by this powerful and highly polished production.

Babylon Disco

LOUIS SHANKAR finds that this two-man show manages to perfectly balance the absurd with the conventional.

Review: Albert Herring

CAMILLA SEALE finds only the professional in this student opera about a small town boy’s unexpected drunken revels.

Review: Of Mice and Men

LOUIS SHANKAR is left uncertain by this ambitious production of Steinbeck’s novella

Is Cambridge haunted?

Do ghosts really haunt the streets of Cambridge? OLIVIA BELL and LOUIS SHANKAR join Cambridge City Ghost Tours to find out

Breaking Down

This new sketch show leaves LOUIS SHANKAR distinctly unimpressed and unfulfilled

The Tab meets Bafflesmash

LOUIS SHANKAR talks to Bafflesmash before their new sketch show at Pembroke Cellars.

Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish

This new exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum manages both to amaze and disgust EVE WALLER.

Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium and the Attempted Wedding of 1850

POPPY MCLEAN is thoroughly impressed by this new farce at the ADC.

A Chat with Pelican

The cast of Pelican, a new sketch show opening at the Corpus Playroom next week, talk to us about comedy, football, and birds


LOUIS SHANKAR is left very uncertain about this play about two of the twentieth century’s greatest scientists

CAST: Much Ado About Nothing

LOUIS SHANKAR expected nothing but the best from the final leg of CAST’s tour – and he wasn’t left wanting