Album Review: Chromeo – White Women

The Funk Lordz are back, looking to perk us up with some deliciously sultry tunes

Chromeo Dance fresh funk Music summer

The wait is over. You could never accuse the self-appointed ‘funk lordz’ of rushing giddily into the business of creating their fourth album, but they’ve certainly partied their way through the process.

In a deliciously retro move, the duo released an ad via Craiglist under the ‘Missed Connections’ section (nu-age fun with a vintage feel), announcing the release date of their eagerly awaited album ‘White Women’.

Cause we all remember this brief revival of the Missed Connection vibe…

The controversially titled ‘White Women’ comes ten years after the group’s debut album ‘She’s In Control’. Fortunately, the boys are still playing around with dance floor jams, the vocoder, and, more importantly, girls.

Whilst Chromeo have been disparaged in the past for their casual sexualization of women (YouTube ‘fancy footwork’ for a reminder), this album may placate their critics somewhat, as it demonstrates clearly the duo’s fanaticism with the feminine. Whereas many have lamented the use of plastic women’s legs for keyboard stands in Chromeo’s artwork and live-show, it would perhaps be more suitable to interpret their focus on the female form as almost obsessive. This album for example, takes this particular idea even further; not only are the duo consumed by women, but are attempting to delve further into their complex world.

I play synth, we all play synth

‘Over Your Shoulder’ in particular addresses the contemporary issue of female body image: ‘you worry about your size, it’s nonsense’. And whilst Chromeo suggest that a woman’s best policy is to simply chat to the boys, their empathy towards women is conspicuous: ‘you didn’t get the memo? You only get a date when you’re wearing stilettos’.

It’s certainly an interesting twist in the ten-year tale. However, whilst carrying around a tonne of first-day-fresher social anxiety, the boys are still the coolest kids in town. They may lament their lack of luck in the lovin’-department, and that they’re jealous of other guys, but they’re still far ‘too cool to admit it’.

The collaborations are hot and spot-on, as are the classy assortment of 70s keys and 80s synths. And yet, the album remains super fresh and fun,with the likes of Solange Knowles, Ezra Koenig and Toro Y Moi providing vocals on three of the LP’s tracks.

That’s really what this album is about – having fun. Whilst being funky-yet-forlorn, it’s a classic piece of infectious pop that will no doubt find its way into many a summer playlist (including yours I hope). It probably won’t be the sound of the summer, but if you’re looking to bounce back after a long day at the UL, with its metronomic typists, fresh-faced-first-class-I-am-handling-this-better-than-you all stars and shitty wifi, this is the one for you. This album will get you up, grooving around your room, and looking forward to the climax of this term that is May Week.

Essential trax: Jealous (I Ain’t With It), Over Your Shoulder and Fall Back 2U (check the superb sax solo).

Release Date: 12th May