“Still Closing” Sez Fez

If you thought Fez was going to stay open, think again.

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Hopes that Fez would be saved hit a wall today, after the company behind the residency project vowed to re-submit their application.

When a planning application was withdrawn earlier this week, a dubious source leaped to the conclusion that the student favourite would be saved.

But The Tab can reveal that Fez’s future is still far from secure, with developers claiming that only a “a slight amendment to the proposal” would be necessary, and that the application will be re-submitted in the coming months.

Hands up who’ll miss Fez

The planned development would see the historic Joshua Taylor building converted into flats and a restaurant.

Cambridge students will undoubtedly be devastated if Fez does shut down, which alongside the closure of Kambar last term would severely limit Cambridge night-life.

“Fez is the final symbol of variety in the Cambridge scene, a bastion of cheap Cambridge night-life”, said Will Pithers, Caius fresher, “if it closes it would be an outrage.”