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Miliband in Cambridge: Labour Will Back Oxford-Cambridge Railway

Ed Miliband spent Monday lunchtime hanging out in Market Square, as Labour launched the final stages of their local election campaign.


LIVE text updates of the 159th Varsity Boat Race – GDBO!

Le Pen Protest Outside Union

A large number of protesters gather outside the Union to show their opposition to Marine Le Pen’s appearance this afternoon.

CamFM Harlem Shakes Its Way to ITV Fame

CamFM puts Cambridge on the map with its take on the Harlem Shake.

Jailbreak 2013: As It Happened

Time’s up! Cambridge RAG Jailbreak 2013 has come to a close. But where did all the teams end up? Relive the highlights here.

Eton Mess: A Response

Are Cambridge’s gates open to all? In the wake of more national press coverage for Cambridge, PRANJAL ARYA assesses who is to blame for the stereotypes that surround our university.

Chain Pinches Picturehouse

Independent film in Cambridge is threatened as the Arts Picturehouse is taken over by Cineworld.

“Still Closing” Sez Fez

If you thought Fez was going to stay open, think again.


JOHN BARDSLEY falls head over heels for Ghostpoet.