cambridge city council

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Cambridge City Council has declared a ‘climate emergency’

Zero Carbon described the declaration as ‘simply not good enough’

Cambridge may be getting an underground metro system

Bid goodbye to your bicycle, folks

For Peas’ Sake! Newnham Gardener’s Garden Obliterated in Freak Accident

A car collision destroyed Newnham College gardener Jason Causton’s beloved garden on Wednesday afternoon.

Blue-ming Marvelous: Cambridge Get World’s First Glow-in-the-Dark Cycle Path

A glow-in-the-dark path has been built on Christ’s Pieces to improve cycling safety

The Cambridge Bubble Is To Become Literal

SANDY McCLEERY runs us through Cambridge’s City Council’s latest weird move.

Cam Students Fight Back Against EDL

CUAF will oppose an EDL march next month with a counter protest planned for the same day.

Klubnacht’s 1st Birthday

CHARLIE LAWRIE attends a birthday party that’s low on jelly and ice-cream, but high on bouncy disco beats.

No Victories For Student Council Hopefuls

Students lose out in council elections amidst a low turnout.

“Still Closing” Sez Fez

If you thought Fez was going to stay open, think again.

Sports Centre To Open In 18 Months

The first phase of the Sports Complex could be completed within 18 months after leaping the last administrative hurdle.

Simon Page

SIMON PAGE rediscovers his love of the Internet, after a visit to the tip.

The Crematorium That Cools Corpses

Cambridge City Crematorium could become the first in the country to adopt new ways of disposing of corpses, such as freezing or dissolving them.

Kebab-ing a Laugh: Take Pitta On Us, Say Grimy Gardies

Cambridge has been rocked with the news that some of its best restaurants have been slammed in a recent council crackdown.

Local Legends

HANNAH MARTIN peers beyond the glossy parliamentary politics to the unsung heroes of local government.

Council Folk-Up

A council cock-up has called into question whether they are fit to manage this year’s May Balls.

Downing and Out

A ‘Downing Street’ sign was withdrawn from an auction this week after doubts were raised over its authenticity.

Grad Madness

Cambridge city council have caved in to calls to abolish council tax for grads.